Lakeland High School

Zip in for an adventure in March

"Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are." Mason Cooley. This month's theme is adventure. As the snow continues to linger and the sun refuses to shine, it is easy to get cabin fever. Luckily, we have a solution: READING! Let a great book get you caught up and away from the grey skies. With only a few more weeks until spring break, now is the perfect time to "get away" with adventures of all sorts: climb Mt Everest, sail the oceans, treasure hunt, fight bad guys, or whatever you dream about doing, there is a book for that. Come on in and find your next adventure; we are waiting to help you get there!

School Supply Store

Folders:  .50

Index Cards:  3x5--.01 each

Mechanical Pencils-- .35 each

Mechanical Pencil Lead-- .10 each/ $1.75 for 30 

Notebook-- $1.00 each college ruled

Pens--.25 each

Poster Board--$1.00 each

LHS Library

Library Hours:

 6:50-4:00 Monday-Thursday

       6:50-2:45 Friday


Mrs. Young, Teacher Librarian

Ms. House, Library aide/IDLA coordinator

Laurel, Hanna, Carson and Hope, student aides



Please feel welcome to come in and find a book, work on homework, or just relax by the "fire".  

We are here to help you.



Access the LHS Library Catalog with links to LILI/SIRS/ of Congress


*We recommend using our Community Library Network partners for eBooks, audio books or after hours materials at:

What we offer and how you can make it even better!

Follow this link for a suvery to help make LHS' library even better! The survey takes about one minute and will provide beneficial feedback



What we have:

  • Books!: Fiction, nonfiction, graphic and manga, classics, and children's novels
  • Art supplies for any project
  • Computers and laptops for use in the library
  • Games and puzzles to help pass free time!
  • Lego and a Lego wall/Kinects
  • A copier and printers
  • A school supply store selling a variety of items including poster board
  • Textbooks for English, math, science, social studies and dual credit classes
  • Wifi codes for students in IDLA or dual credit classes only. Guest passes for all other students are also available.
  • Edison Robots, Make Do kits, Makey Makey, and electrical circuitry boards for use in the library only
  • 3D Printer for school projects = free. For personal use= .05/gram



Extreme Book Nerds: Reading Challenge 2017-2018

This year the book club is trying something new: Extreme Book Nerds comes to LHS. Students will select twenty categories out of twenty-eight listed, attend two book club meetings (during lunch) between now and April 6th, and ***share a two sentence review of each of the twenty books before April 6th to receive a free t-shirt. Community library partners help support the program so a big thank you to them and to Mr. Derrick for that support. For questions or to pick up the reading challenge sheet, see Mrs. Young .

Our next book club meeting will be March 19th during both lunches! It is the last official book club meeting before the deadline is due. ****Students no longer must submit the follow up for each book via Google Docs. Category sheets with a brief book description can be hand-written and turned in also.